Neighbourhood Watchers are a group of people from an Area, Estate or Street who have come together in the interest of protecting their neighbourhood from crime.

We at Strand Neighbourhood Watch want to serve as the ‘eyes & ears’ of the community, thereby helping to safeguard the community against criminal activities and to strive for a safe and secure environment for all to live, work and play.

Strand Neighbourhood Watch is a community based neighbourhood watch and was established in 2012 when Strand North and Goede Hoop area joined force to fight crime. In 2014 we expanded to cover most parts of sectors 2 and 3.

We have established a radio network that is linked to various security, paramedic companies and Strand SAPS. There are multiple volunteer patrollers monitoring the radio on a daily basis. We have our own emergency number 24/7 – 081 570 3540 for the public of Strand to report suspicious people and behaviour in the neighbourhood.

We have recently established Strand Neighbourhood Watch as a Non-profit Organisation (149-036 NPO). Like any institution in life we require financing and only rely on donations, please contact us if you would like to make a contribution.